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Advertising Disclosure
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Advertising Disclosure

NFT Sports accepts advertising from both direct advertising partners as well as from ad networks, but maintains a strict and clear separation between advertising and editorial content. Special attention is paid to featuring advertising in a way that will not interfere with your reading experience. This relates to both page design and to the number of ads we choose to feature on a page.

Current Affiliate Partners

Updated August 18, 2021


How We Make Money

The way that we’re able to offer great content on our website for free is by partnering with advertisers and affiliate partners who are looking to reach consumers. This can take a number of different forms, as shown below. It’s important to note that we maintain strict editorial independence for all of our content, particularly on reviews and recommendations. If we love a product, service, or project, we’ll tell you even if we don’t have an advertising relationship. If we think a product or service is bad, we’ll also tell you that, regardless if we do have an advertising relationship with them. While we do recommend and review products regardless of any advertising relationships, we may not have reviewed every product available in a given category.

Affiliate Links to Advertisers

In some cases we may have an affiliate relationship with a project or product that we review, and so when you click on an “Open Account” button or sometimes a hyperlink on the product’s name in those cases we may receive compensation either when you click on it it or if you decide to sign up for the product. Whether or not we have an advertiser in place does not change the placement of the button or whether there’s a link for you to go to their website.

List of Sister Companies

Updated July 23, 2021

Display Ads

Some review/recommendations may include display advertising on them, which will be labelled as advertisements to ensure they are easily recognize