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Advertising with NFT Sports is an affordable way to promote your products, projects, and services while supporting the creation of original content about sports related NFTs. Learn more about how we pay our contributors for new articles.

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Advertising Policies

What kind of products/websites can I advertise?

We will not accept ads for websites, products, services, or projects that are opposed to our core philosophies on NFTs. For example, we’d never link to a book by a psychic who claims to have supernatural powers, or to a supplement that claims to dramatically improve memory or cure cancer.  We would, however, link to a book that describes how psychics practice their craft (ie: the art of cold reading).

In general, links to NFT and crypto projects (ex:  microscopes, telescopes, books, DVD sets, courses, course-ware, funny t-shirts or other apparel, etc).

What about the Google Ads you have on the site?  

We do not have full control over ad content served up Google or other ad network partners. While we have taken steps to block historically spammy categories you may occasionally see an ad that goes against our general policy. Rest assured we keep an eye on those ads and will filter out inappropriate ones when possible.